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By now I imagine most of you are aware of the big news that was announced during comic con last week, but for those of you who didn't hear and who want to hear some positive news from me instead of my transformers dread (and because I could talk about kaiju all day XD), it is my pleasure to announce that Rodan, Mothra, & King Ghidorah will ALL be appearing in the first Legendary Godzilla sequel!

My fellow Sarghress Highland Raider :iconlordpanther14: even provided a news link, thanks pal…

So the Famous Four (fuck MechaG XD) will all be together again for Godzilla II, and I couldn't be happier :D. Now yes, I was disappointed by the overuse & mishandling of Ghidorah and Mothra during the Toho Millennium era, & didn't like how Rodan was downplayed in Final Wars either (cool new design though), I don't mind their return here so much because they'll be re-imagined with a fresh new start AND it has been stated that the Legendary Era is gonna be a trilogy as opposed to an ongoing series, so we were bound to get these guys sooner or later (though honestly I would have loved it if Godzilla II had focused on Godzilla fighting Rodan & Mothra and saved Ghidorah for the third & final film). I'm just glad Rodan is returning to his rightful place as one of the Big Shots of the Toho Kaiju roster and hope he'll be treated with the same level of dignity as his fellow Famous Four members. Now, this does beg the question of how all four of them will be utilized however, like...

1) Will we be getting a Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster remake of sorts in which Godzilla, Rodan, & Mothra will join forces to overcome their mutual foe, Ghidorah like before? I think that would be pretty amazing to see, as well as give all the kaiju the proper level of respect & time in the spotlight. If they did go this route, I'd like to see Godzilla & Rodan duke it out like in the Showa era as equals until Mothra finally gets the two of them to see reason & team up against Ghidorah, the larger threat.


2) Will it be an "every monster for them-self" scenario in which the Famous Four hunt, fight, & take each other down over the course of the film leading up to a final battle between the last two monsters standing? Who will most likely be Godzilla vs Ghidorah I confess, meaning Rodan & Mothra would probably be defeated by Godzilla or Ghidorah before their own climatic battle.

Which theory do you guys prefer? Or do ya have predictions of your own about how the next film will play out? Do tell :D

More topics to consider are...

1) Will Rodan, Mothra, & Ghidorah share Godzilla's origin as ancient primordial monsters from a bygone nuclear age? Or will they somehow maintain their original Tohoverse origins?

2) If Ghidorah ends up being the big bad of Godzilla II, who will the Big G's final opponent be in Godzilla III? Destroyah? MechaG? Titanosaurus? King Kong since Legendary is part of Universal Studios now? Who do you think it will be?
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